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Testing & Process Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of products and systems for testing and process procedures. These products allow you to customise your facility to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Environmental Chambers

• Accurate temperature control of between 15°C and 40°C to better than ± 1°C

• Accurate humidity control of between 30% and 90% RH to better than ± 3%

• Water loops for precise control

• Heat pumps for efficiency

• Intuitive touch screen interface

• Voltage stabilisation

• Real-time refrigeration duty monitoring

Data Loggers

• PT100 temperature measurement

• Analogue voltage and current input

• Pulse counter for cumulative energy

• Relative humidity

• Remote access to data through on-board web server

• Standalone data acquisition with on-board data storage

• Bespoke systems available

Refrigeration Duty Meters
• Simple touch screen interface

• Main screens with numerical and charted data

• Automatic calculation of instantaneous and time average refrigeration duty
Two current outputs to send values such as instantaneous duty
to other data logging systems

• Data logging to SD card
• Works with a variety of refrigerants

• May be remote controlled over Ethernet

• Data may be retrieved over Ethernet

Mass flow meters, pressure transducers and temperature
sensors (PT100) included

Further information

Door & Drawer Opening Machines
• Electrically operated; no compressed air required

• Programmable with opening routines via web interface
Default routines included, custom routines can be written in
any spreadsheet software

• Adjustable opening speed


Motor Generator Sets

• Test 60Hz appliances in the UK

• Motor generators run from UK electricity supplies

• Can be tailored to tolerate high start currents and power factors

Smart Charge Range

• Production and portable service machines available

• Self-contained, mobile unit

• Single button press to initiate process

• Single line Schrader connection to appliance

• Variable vacuum, leak control and charging pre-sets

• Printed receipt includes appliance serial number

• Refrigerant recovery and recycling function (R404a only)

Further information – R404a Further information – R600a

SGS Rental Free Gasses

• No rental fees

• Oxygen Free Nitrogen

• LeakTrace (Hydrogen 5%)

• Welding gases


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